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Click 2 Call

Click to call service allows your website visitors to call you for free from any part of the world. It enables a connection between your website visitors and you in a single click which is prompt and instant. This technology is hassle free and can be installed to your company's website in few simple basic steps.

Visitors of your website do not need to download any software or install telephone lines to make a call. All they need is Nethra’s “Click to call” service which offers voice calling facility to a visitor for free of cost. Whether it is a well-established e-commerce enterprise or a high-growth start-up, you simply select your plan and embed a "Call us" button onto your website. Visitors can click on that button and a call will be immediately initiated and forwarded to your landline, mobile phone, Gtalk, Web call virtual phone or your SIP server whichever is your chosen medium. This innovative service makes sure your potential customer reaches you at the right time to be converted into your loyal consumer. This bridges the gap and helps your conversion rate resulting in increased sales.

Surprise your customers with Click 2 Call!
Hassle free: 80% of visitors are more likely to contact companies that provide a Click-to-Call button on their site as the call happens in the nick of time without having to save the number and make up mind to give a call later which does not happen in most of the cases. It is simple and hassle free.
Bridging sales conversion: Visitors who calls are already interested to buy. It bridges the gap and facilitates faster conversions. Up to 50% sales conversion has been achieved with Click-to-Call.
More sales: Click to Call gives you the chance to up-sell customers on the phone - resulting in 30% more sales.
Happy prospective Customers: Let customers reach you like never before. With the world becoming more tech savvy day by day give customers what they want in just the way they would want. The customer visiting your site and calling you directly from there is highly likely.

Design the way you want

Customize - You can build the Click-to-Call experience to detail by structuring audio messages with desired tone and emotion that best suits your business model, demographics, end customer and operating hours.

You can record and save Click-to-Call conversations free of charge to observe, analyse and review for better. They are saved for 1 month in your analytics. These analytics lets you study and review call history - including date, time and phone numbers.

  • Support for voip and traditional PSTN
  • Simple branding, configuration and management
  • User friendly Developer API's for easy integration.
  • Recording and playback of voice conversations.
  • Bulk Import (Excel or CSV download)
  • Download Recording
  • IVR Feature
  • Benefits
  • Click2call enables web visitors to just click and connect instantly
  • You will be able to increase your conversion rates, by providing your website visitors with an easy, free and instant way to contact you
  • Bridging gap from writing down the phone number, making up a reminder to initiate a call and actually making the call to click on “CALL” button and connect.
  • You may change the telephone number if needed(the number that visitors will be connected to when they hit the push to talk button)
  • You can opt to receive a subjective email summarising each call
  • You can choose to receive a status email containing the details of each call
  • You can restrict callers based on locations from where visitors may call. You can take up international calls from visitors or restrict to a particular region based on your requirement.