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Nethra IVR
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system helps to customise your call flow seamlessly with round the clock functionality leading in personalised sales and glitch free customer support. Be it a small or large, for any organization it is extremely cumbersome and indirectly expensive to answer all phone calls manually. Though some customer calls require direct addressing, most of them have regular and standard responses that can be communicated in an automated manner. In such an instance our IVR enhances productivity and facilitate best customer support experience. It also helps in reducing the overall cost involved. The system helps the customer execute the desired tasks at any time and from any part of the world. Your customers can access the required information just by dialling a given number while you are away from office as well as after office hours. Imagine having a telephone banking IVR that allows you to perform various transactions, bill payments, account information, money transfer and so on without having to recruit a team of professionals to handle it.
Our Solutions
We provide an extremely smart and flexible solution to access information and perform important tasks using the phone keypad. IVR system can direct customers to the right support channel right when they need.(e.g.: Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for promos, Press 5 to talk to an executive, etc.)

It is a perfect package to build an interactive voice-menu suiting your needs in the language of your choice. IVRs can accept input from callers, usually in the form of pressed phone keys. It can also accept voice inputs and in some cases translate that into actions. You can design an IVR by a simple drag and drop application. Using this application you can create IVR with Text to Speech (TTS), DTMF (Dual tone multi frequency) inputs.
IVR Benefits
  • Promote a single contact number for your organisation (all the departments) across your marketing collaterals.
  • Impress your callers by showing you value their time and build your brand value and goodwill.
  • Exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • Attending the call at the first ring.
  • Multilingual greetings to the caller.
  • It is very useful when you have common and important information to share with every caller.
  • IVR works 24 hours a day and it never greets a caller with tired voice.
  • IVR Features
    An interactive Voice Response system provides you with many features some of which are as follows
  • Sound: Feature and play a sound that best suits during a call
  • Record: Record and monitor user conversation during the call
  • TTS: To do text to speech and play the output sound
  • Excel: To read/write IVR data into an uploaded excel sheet
  • DTMF: To take input from phone keypad
  • Call Transfer: Transfer the call to another number of your choice
  • Web: Facilitates a web API call. Used for web lookup or posting data on a remote server
  • Conference: To initiate a conference call with desired partners.