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Long code enables customer to procure information .

Long Code services provides 10 digits To make them receive bulk sms services from customers across the globe . It is active for 24 hours . It is a person to person communication service . You can avail these services by keywords and sub keywords . As soon as you commence receiving sms messages from the customers it will initiate the process in the main panel . The main panel will reply in the form of an sms or voice call . The information will be saved to any URL or CRM software automatically and the information will be passed on to any email or mobile number. However, a reply by SMS or a voice call will be certainly charged . Such services are used for purposes ranging from receiving inquiries, automated pull based information from database, running a Quiz contests, running a voting campaign, for two way communication,application automation or for even information pulling. These kind of services can be afforded by you.

Missed call alert (MCA ) enables customer to procure call
Quality services avaied by the customer via missed calls. Missed call alert services are the type of services in which the customer makes several missed calls via a Missed call alert mobile number . The calls are delibertately missed after several rings . The contact number of the customer is saved in the data base . Since it is saved in the data base , the concerned executive can call the customer back with the saved contact number . After the executive calls the customer , the customer can get all his doubts clarified . The customerwill henceforth receive an auto sms to be thanked for calling them and informing them about his requirements and concerns.