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School SMS Management
Bulk SMS software designed specifically for schools equips school principals and college directors to easily communicate with their teachers, students, parents, support staff and even their suppliers in a simpler and cost-effective way. Messages will be delivered to the recipients instantly.

Below are some of benefits of Bulk SMS Services.
Side-step communication gaps: You can use this mobile service to communicate with parents regarding PTM, annual/sports events, Seminars and symposiums that are planned. It helps to eliminate any communication gap between the management and parents as it can be used in times of crisis to alert parents about unexpected holidays, change in existing time schedule etc.  Reaching out to parents can be faster, efficient and most importantly timely.
Schedule future Campaigns: Our portal is also designed to allow you to schedule messages to be delivered in future automatically. This can either be a follow up message to parents reminding them of an upcoming school event or to remind them to make school fees on time. Scheduling lets you plan out the message that needs to be sent out at the right time.
Send Weekly Reminders: Bulk SMS services can be utilized in sending weekly reminders to your teachers/staffs intimating them of change in time and date of important meetings or staff duty roles that are escalated/scheduled on weekly basis.
  • Easy-to-use messaging menu interface
  • Quick & detailed delivery Reports
  • Export Delivery Reports to CSV
  • No DND Filtration
  • No SMS Templates required
  • Send Group SMS / individual SMS
  • Complete API Documentations
  • A single message can be delivered in three different formats - SMS / Email / Web login
  • Neither a system nor a GPRS is required to send SMS

  • Student Login
    We have recently launched a STUDENT LOGIN where parents can login to their ward’s login at any time, and access the information sent by the school. This helps you keenly observe the day to day activities of your child at your convenience. All messages are stacked in your dashboard for future reference. This way you can access information regarding the entire term.

    Pull SMS
    A physical computer system or a GPRS is not required send SMS.

    Message Types
    Messages can be about homework, attendance, notes, achievements; it can be event specific alerts, class tests, holidays, individual student examination/ assessment results.
    Message Settings:
    One SMS shall be of 160 characters in length. A lengthier message can be sent using a concatenation process where we use special characters to join the SMS and deliver them as one message. Due to the use of characters to join the messages there shall be few inconsistencies in the length of SMS. Below is detailed information on message lengths and the respective costing method:
    Number of SMS Characters
    1 message = 160 characters
    2 messages = 306 characters
    3 messages = 459 characters
    4 messages (Maximum) = 612 characters
    If you send 10 messages that are of 160 characters falling under 1 SMS length, you will be charged for 10 messages only, similarly if you send 10 messages that are of 306 characters falling under 2 SMS length, you will be charged for 20 messages.
    Each line break, space and carriage return adds to your character count. For instance, 1 space = 1 character 1 line break = 2 characters.
    SMS can be sent 24x7 and will be delivered on DND and as well as NON DND numbers. Auto-selected numeric sender ID will be masked as sender as per TRAI regulation. We have got approval to send any type of SMS for which no template is required.